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Evidence guides our journey

Our Focus


building healthier communities


ending learning poverty


promoting the SDGs


At Kaya ROI, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact for our clients through our extensive expertise in impact consulting. Our team has a deep understanding of digital, social media, public relations, events activation, creatives, stakeholder engagement and initiative building, and we are committed to aligning our strategies with your goals. We strive to provide the highest standard of service possible, ensuring that our clients achieve meaningful and measurable impact.

Community Garden

Why Kaya ROI?

Our name, Kaya ROI, is a testament to our mission. Kaya, translating to "CAN" in Filipino, echoes our belief that anyone can ignite positive change in their community, one initiative at a time. We're fervently committed to helping organizations and communities amplify their social and environmental impact while achieving ROI – not just as a return on investment, but as a return on individuals - a return on impact.

Our Approach


The out of the box solutions we propose respond to issues clearly defined and understood through a root-cause analysis, tailor-fit for the communities.


Actively fighting mis- and disinformation, we consciously promote evidence-based discussions. We also refer to international benchmarks and best practices and use the relevant learnings to inform our solutions.


We promote a whole-of-society approach to solving issues. We include all relevant stakeholders from start to finish.


This is the social return on investment. Following the Theory of Change model, it is important that each initiative has clear and attainable metrics / key perform nce indicators to guide the program and measure outcomes.


Cris Jose

Managing Partner


Knox Balbastro

Partner & Creative Director

Helen Dy_edited.jpg

Dr. Helen Dy

Partner & Health Tribe Asia Director

Marie Francia_edited.jpg

Marie Francia

Partner & Creative Services Director

Natasha Gray_edited.jpg

Natasha Gray

Partner & Education Director


Dr. Antonio Torralba

Partner & Education Senior Advisor


Judith Reyes

Partner & Sustainability Director


Ivanna Dela Torre

Author, When the World Sneezed

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